Commercial Gates Installation And Fabrication

Atlanta Entry Systems offers many different commercial gates to choose from and can build a custom gate to fit your unique requirements. Call or Contact Us today for a free quote and more information!

Which type of commercial gate should I get?

While there are many different kinds of commercial gates to choose from they can mostly be categorized into the following: Cantilever Gates, Slide Gates, Vertical Lift Gates, and Swing Gates. Each gate can be made from a variety of materials and finishes. 

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates slide to open. If you have obstacles in the way that would block a slide gate these are a great option. They sit off the ground suspended using two counter balanced posts and do not use wheels that drag on the ground.

Slide Gates

Traditional slide gates rest on wheels that slide across the ground. These are a great option as well if you have obstacles in the way. Generally these gates are more affordable than cantilever gates due to not needing the same strength and bracing.

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical lift gates raise up in the air. These gates are an excellent choice if you are limited on space where other gates would not work and sites that have heavy use.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are gates that open inward or outward. These are a great option if you have limited width space that would not support a sliding or cantilever gate. They operate on a motor connected to an actuator arm that opens or closes the gate.